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 Haunted TrailsBurbank, Illinois, USAOperating471 mi332° NNW
WaldameerErie, Pennsylvania, USAOperating474 mi21° NNE
Boardwalk AmusementsDaytona Beach, Florida, USAOperating478 mi161° SSE
 JeepersAuburn Hills, Michigan, USAOperating478 mi1° N
Enchanted ForestUtica, Illinois, USAOperating482 mi323° NW
 Enchanted CastleLombard, Illinois, USAOperating484 mi331° NNW
 Go BananasNorridge, Illinois, USAOperating484 mi333° NNW
 Safari LandVilla Park, Illinois, USAOperating486 mi331° NNW
HersheyparkHershey, Pennsylvania, USAOperating488 mi48° NE
 Brookhaven Exchange Club ParkBrookhaven, Mississippi, USAOperating492 mi235° SW
Midway ParkBemus Point, New York, USAOperating496 mi25° NNE
 Dutch WonderlandLancaster, Pennsylvania, USAOperating496 mi51° NE
 Baja AmusementsOcean City, Maryland, USAOperating498 mi66° ENE
 Funland Amusement ParkNorth Little Rock, Arkansas, USAOperating498 mi264° W
 Trimper's RidesOcean City, Maryland, USAOperating499 mi66° ENE
 Jolly Roger at the PierOcean City, Maryland, USAOperating499 mi66° ENE