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Victory KingdomWuqing, Tianjin, ChinaOperating2 mi314° NW
 Hongzhizhu Amusement ParkHebei, Tianjin, ChinaOperating17 mi146° SSE
Long Rainbow ParkNankai, Tianjin, ChinaOperating18 mi160° SSE
Langfang Children's ParadiseLangfang, Hebei, ChinaOperating20 mi301° WNW
Tianjin Shuishang ParkNankai, Tianjin, ChinaOperating21 mi161° SSE
Tianjin Zoological GardensNankai, Tianjin, ChinaOperating21 mi161° SSE
Natural ParkAnci, Langfang, Hebei, ChinaOperating23 mi298° WNW
 Happy ValleyDongli, Tianjin, ChinaOperating26 mi119° ESE
 Great Mall of ChinaSanhe, Langfang, Hebei, ChinaUnder Construction41 mi341° NNW
 3D Vision Creation ParkBinhai, Tianjin, ChinaUnder Construction42 mi114° ESE
 Dagang ParkBinhai, Tianjin, ChinaOperating44 mi148° SSE
Happy ValleyChaoyang, Beijing, ChinaOperating45 mi319° NW
Huangcun ParkDaxing, Beijing, ChinaOperating45 mi304° NW
 People's ParkWen'an, Langfang, Hebei, ChinaOperating47 mi221° SW
Aoyun Fuwa ParadiseFengtai, Beijing, ChinaOperating49 mi311° NW
Sun ParkDongcheng, Beijing, ChinaOperating49 mi322° NW
Beijing World ParkFengtai, Beijing, ChinaOperating50 mi307° NW
Crab Island ResortChaoyang, Beijing, ChinaOperating51 mi329° NNW
Crab Island Children's Theme ParkChaoyang, Beijing, ChinaOperating51 mi329° NNW
 Seaside ParkBinhai, Tianjin, ChinaSBNO51 mi150° SSE
 Taiyanggong ParkChaoyang, Beijing, ChinaOperating52 mi323° NW
Shunyi ParkShunyi, Beijing, ChinaOperating55 mi338° NNW
 Yiyuan ParkShunyi, Beijing, ChinaOperating55 mi338° NNW
Beijing Shijingshan Amusement ParkShijingshan, Beijing, ChinaOperating58 mi310° NW