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 Rangin Kaman Amusement ParkHamedan, Hamedan, IranOperating2011 - 2014184 mi
 Chavi LandSulaymaniyah, Sulaymaniyah, IraqOperating2003 - 20142126 mi
 Sinbad LandBaghdad, Baghdad, IraqOperating2002 or earlier2168 mi
 Kirkuk Amusement ParkKirkuk, Kirkuk, IraqOperating2003 or earlier1171 mi
 Al Zawra’a Dream ParkBaghdad, Baghdad, IraqOperating2002 or earlier3173 mi
 Tikrit ParkTikrit, Salah ad Din, IraqOperating2002 or earlier1196 mi
 Majidi ParkKasnazan, Arbil, IraqUnder Construction20154211 mi
 Erbil Family FunArbil, Arbil, IraqOperating2004 - 20093215 mi
 Ahvaz Amusement ParkAhvaz, Khuzestan, IranOperating2005 or earlier1230 mi
 Chamran ParkKaraj, Tehran, IranOperating2007 or earlier1242 mi
 Jangali ParkUrmia, West Azerbaijan, IranOperating2005 - 20091246 mi
 Orumieh ParkUrmia, West Azerbaijan, IranOperating2005 or earlier1247 mi
Eram ParkTehran, Tehran, IranOperating2000 or earlier6255 mi
El Goli Amusement ParkTabriz, East Azarbaijan, IranOperating1979 or earlier2257 mi
Kosar ParkTabriz, East Azarbaijan, IranOperating19971260 mi
Baghlar Baghlari Amusement ParkTabriz, East Azarbaijan, IranOperating2003 or earlier1260 mi
Be'sat ParkTehran, Tehran, IranOperating2008 or earlier1260 mi
 Mosul Amusement ParkMosul, Ninawa, IraqOperating2004 or earlier1263 mi
 Park BasijTehran, Tehran, IranOperating2007 or earlier2264 mi
 Basrah LandBasra, Basra, IraqOperating2002 or earlier2266 mi
 Shorabil ParkArdabil, Ardabil, IranOperating2010 or earlier1275 mi
Shahin Shahr City ParkShahin Shahr, Isfahan, IranOperating2005 or earlier1277 mi
Dream CityDuhok, Duhok, IraqOperating2010 or earlier1289 mi
 River City ParkIsfahan, Isfahan, IranOperating2001 or earlier1291 mi
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