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Pink Pearl The Fun CityJaipur, Rajasthan, IndiaOperating172 mi117° ESE
 Splash The Fun ParkHisar, Haryana, IndiaOperating177 mi61° ENE
Funtown Amusement & Water ParkBahadurgarh, Haryana, IndiaOperating227 mi76° ENE
Adventure IslandRohini, Tamil Nadu, IndiaOperating243 mi77° ENE
 JoylandLahore, Punjab, PakistanOperating251 mi15° NNE
 Hardy's WorldLudhiana, Punjab, IndiaOperating256 mi36° NE
 Sozo Water ParkLahore, Punjab, PakistanOperating257 mi17° NNE
 WonderlandJalandhar, Punjab, IndiaOperating263 mi31° NNE
 Sun CityAmritsar, Punjab, IndiaOperating270 mi21° NNE
 Surya FuncityRamgarh, Haryana, IndiaOperating286 mi50° NE
Crystal WorldHaridwar, Uttarakhand, IndiaOperating317 mi64° ENE
 Fun 'N' Food KingdomDehradun, Uttarakhand, IndiaOperating328 mi59° ENE
 Sun CityGwalior, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaOperating332 mi111° ESE
Fun ValleyDehradun, Uttarakhand, IndiaOperating333 mi63° ENE
 BalvatikaAhmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaOperating350 mi186° S
 Play LandRawalpindi, Punjab, PakistanOperating382 mi358° N
FuncityBareilly, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaOperating382 mi84° E
 Children Play LandRawalpindi, Punjab, PakistanOperating387 mi358° N
 Wonderland Amusement ParkRawalpindi, Punjab, PakistanOperating388 mi358° N
 Ajwa Fun World & ResortBaroda, Gujarat, IndiaOperating392 mi178° S
 Meghdoot GardenIndore, Madhya Pradesh, IndiaOperating402 mi154° SSE
 Fun WorldRajkot, Gujarat, IndiaOperating425 mi201° SSW
 Aladin Amusement ParkKarachi, Sindh, PakistanOperating435 mi241° WSW
 Sindbad's WonderlandKarachi, Sindh, PakistanOperating435 mi241° WSW