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 Funland Amusement ParkNorth Little Rock, Arkansas, USAOperating326 mi157° SSE
 Magic Springs & Crystal FallsHot Springs, Arkansas, USAOperating332 mi165° SSE
Donley's Wild West TownUnion, Illinois, USAOperating375 mi54° NE
Santa's Village AZoosment ParkDundee, Illinois, USAOperating384 mi56° ENE
 Enchanted CastleLombard, Illinois, USAOperating388 mi59° ENE
 Eagle ParkCache, Oklahoma, USASBNO389 mi217° SW
 Safari LandVilla Park, Illinois, USAOperating390 mi58° ENE
 Knucklehead's Bowling & Family EntertainmentWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating390 mi37° NE
 Wallace County FairgroundsSharon Springs, Kansas, USAOperating391 mi269° W
 Noah's ArkWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating391 mi36° NE
Mt. Olympus Water & Theme ParkWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating392 mi36° NE
 Paul Bunyan's Adventure GolfWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating392 mi36° NE
 Riverview Park & WaterworldWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating392 mi36° NE
 Valleyfair!Shakopee, Minnesota, USAOperating393 mi7° N
Timber Falls Adventure ParkWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating393 mi36° NE
 Haunted TrailsBurbank, Illinois, USAOperating394 mi61° ENE
Greeley County FairgroundsTribune, Kansas, USAOperating395 mi265° W
Little AmerrickaMarshall, Wisconsin, USAOperating395 mi43° NE
Nickelodeon UniverseBloomington, Minnesota, USAOperating398 mi8° N
 Go BananasNorridge, Illinois, USAOperating400 mi59° ENE
 Como TownSt. Paul, Minnesota, USAOperating407 mi9° N
Six Flags Great AmericaGurnee, Illinois, USAOperating408 mi55° NE
Columbian ParkLafayette, Indiana, USAOperating414 mi75° ENE
 Holiday WorldSanta Claus, Indiana, USAOperating415 mi97° E