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Scream ZoneBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating265 mi43° NE
Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement ParkBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating265 mi43° NE
Luna ParkBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating265 mi43° NE
 Adventurers Family Entertainment CenterBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating265 mi43° NE
 Kids 'N ActionBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating268 mi42° NE
CarowindsCharlotte, North Carolina, USAOperating271 mi226° SW
 Victorian GardensNew York, New York, USAOperating275 mi41° NE
 Fantasy Forest at the Flushing Meadows CarouselFlushing, New York, USAOperating278 mi42° NE
Camden ParkHuntington, West Virginia, USAOperating280 mi279° W
 Tuscora ParkNew Philadelphia, Ohio, USAOperating283 mi311° NW
 O.D. Pavilion and Amusement ParkNorth Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating287 mi194° SSW
 AdventurelandFarmingdale, New York, USAOperating295 mi45° NE
 Playland ParkRye, New York, USAOperating296 mi41° NE
 NASCAR SpeedParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating296 mi196° SSW
Freestyle Music ParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USASBNO297 mi196° SSW
Party Zone USAMiddletown, New York, USAOperating298 mi32° NNE
 Family Kingdom Amusement ParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating299 mi196° SSW
Conneaut Lake ParkConneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USAOperating304 mi330° NNW
 Boomers Family Fun CenterMedford, New York, USAOperating316 mi47° NE
 Country Fair Entertainment ParkMedford, New York, USAOperating316 mi47° NE
Midway ParkBemus Point, New York, USAOperating319 mi341° NNW
WaldameerErie, Pennsylvania, USAOperating328 mi334° NNW
 Erieview ParkGeneva, Ohio, USAOperating335 mi327° NNW
Memphis Kiddie ParkCleveland, Ohio, USAOperating339 mi318° NW