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DollywoodPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating246 mi129° SE
 Columbus Zoo & AquariumPowell, Ohio, USAOperating247 mi54° NE
Enchanted ForestUtica, Illinois, USAOperating248 mi333° NNW
 Haunted TrailsBurbank, Illinois, USAOperating255 mi349° N
 Enchanted CastleLombard, Illinois, USAOperating265 mi347° NNW
 Fun SpotAngola, Indiana, USASBNO266 mi21° NNE
 Safari LandVilla Park, Illinois, USAOperating268 mi347° NNW
 Go BananasNorridge, Illinois, USAOperating270 mi350° N
 Santa's LandCherokee, North Carolina, USAOperating273 mi131° SE
 Ghost Town in the SkyMaggie Valley, North Carolina, USASBNO277 mi129° SE
Santa's Village AZoosment ParkDundee, Illinois, USAOperating284 mi345° NNW
 Deer Forest Fun ParkColoma, Michigan, USAOperating285 mi6° N
Donley's Wild West TownUnion, Illinois, USAOperating296 mi343° NNW
Six Flags Great AmericaGurnee, Illinois, USAOperating299 mi349° N
 Miner Mike's Adventure TownOsage Beach, Missouri, USAOperating311 mi272° W
 BigShot Amusement ParkLinn Creek, Missouri, USAOperating315 mi271° W
North Georgia State FairMarietta, Georgia, USAOperating320 mi155° SSE
Cedar PointSandusky, Ohio, USAOperating323 mi42° NE
Splash AdventureBessemer, Alabama, USAOperating328 mi180° S
Six Flags Over GeorgiaAustell, Georgia, USAOperating329 mi155° SSE
 Tuscora ParkNew Philadelphia, Ohio, USAOperating336 mi58° ENE
 Swings-N-Things Family Fun ParkOlmsted Township, Ohio, USAOperating347 mi48° NE
Fun Junction USAFayetteville, Georgia, USAOperating349 mi155° SSE
Colasanti's Tropical GardensKingsville, Ontario, CanadaOperating353 mi38° NE