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 Six Flags New EnglandAgawam, Massachusetts, USAOperating308 mi43° NE
Marineland Theme ParkNiagara Falls, Ontario, CanadaOperating311 mi338° NNW
 Atlantic Beach ParkWesterly, Rhode Island, USAOperating312 mi56° ENE
Camden ParkHuntington, West Virginia, USAOperating313 mi265° W
Memphis Kiddie ParkCleveland, Ohio, USAOperating316 mi305° NW
 Swings-N-Things Family Fun ParkOlmsted Township, Ohio, USAOperating322 mi303° WNW
 Pedroland ParkDillon, South Carolina, USAOperating336 mi205° SSW
 Great EscapeQueensbury, New York, USAOperating347 mi26° NNE
 Magic Forest ParkLake George, New York, USAOperating349 mi26° NNE
 Columbus Zoo & AquariumPowell, Ohio, USAOperating349 mi286° WNW
CarowindsCharlotte, North Carolina, USAOperating350 mi222° SW
Centreville Amusement ParkToronto, Ontario, CanadaOperating353 mi338° NNW
 Ontario PlaceToronto, Ontario, CanadaOperating354 mi338° NNW
 Canadian National ExhibitionToronto, Ontario, CanadaOperating354 mi338° NNW
Cedar PointSandusky, Ohio, USAOperating359 mi301° WNW
 Neb's FunworldOshawa, Ontario, CanadaOperating364 mi343° NNW
 Western FairLondon, Ontario, CanadaOperating365 mi321° NW
 O.D. Pavilion and Amusement ParkNorth Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating368 mi197° SSW
Canada's WonderlandVaughan, Ontario, CanadaOperating370 mi338° NNW
 Kingston Family Fun World ParkKingston, Ontario, CanadaOperating372 mi2° N
Edaville USACarver, Massachusetts, USAOperating376 mi55° NE
 NASCAR SpeedParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating378 mi198° SSW
Freestyle Music ParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USASBNO379 mi199° SSW
Colasanti's Tropical GardensKingsville, Ontario, CanadaOperating379 mi306° NW