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 Family Kingdom Amusement ParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating380 mi198° SSW
Funworld Game CenterNashua, New Hampshire, USAOperating384 mi44° NE
 Wild Water & WheelsPeterborough, Ontario, CanadaOperating385 mi348° NNW
Canobie Lake ParkSalem, New Hampshire, USAOperating395 mi45° NE
Kings IslandKings Mills, Ohio, USAOperating403 mi276° W
 Santa's WorkshopWilmington, New York, USAOperating409 mi20° NNE
Coney IslandCincinnati, Ohio, USAOperating411 mi273° W
 Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical GardenCincinnati, Ohio, USAOperating416 mi274° W
 Ghost Town in the SkyMaggie Valley, North Carolina, USASBNO420 mi238° WSW
 Blue Mountain Go KartsCollingwood, Ontario, CanadaOperating422 mi336° NNW
Stricker's GroveRoss, Ohio, USAOperating425 mi276° W
 Santa's LandCherokee, North Carolina, USAOperating429 mi238° WSW
DollywoodPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating429 mi241° WSW
 NASCAR SpeedParkSevierville, Tennessee, USAOperating430 mi242° WSW
 JeepersAuburn Hills, Michigan, USAOperating431 mi309° NW
Fun StopPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating431 mi242° WSW
 Rockin' RacewayPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating431 mi242° WSW
 York's Wild KingdomYork Beach, Maine, USAOperating436 mi45° NE
 Santa's VillageBracebridge, Ontario, CanadaOperating443 mi343° NNW
 Story Book ParkOwen Sound, Ontario, CanadaOperating444 mi332° NNW
 Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.Saco, Maine, USAOperating459 mi43° NE
 Palace PlaylandOld Orchard Beach, Maine, USAOperating461 mi44° NE
 Story LandGlen, New Hampshire, USAOperating462 mi36° NE
 Fort Jefferson Fun ParkJefferson, New Hampshire, USAOperating469 mi34° NE