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 Jolly Roger at the PierOcean City, Maryland, USAOperating0 mi57° ENE
 Baja AmusementsOcean City, Maryland, USAOperating2 mi303° WNW
 Jolly Roger Amusement ParkOcean City, Maryland, USAOperating2 mi15° NNE
 Splash Zone Water ParkWildwood, New Jersey, USAOperating48 mi18° NNE
 Morey's PiersWildwood, New Jersey, USAOperating48 mi18° NNE
Playland's Castaway CoveOcean City, New Jersey, USAOperating71 mi22° NNE
 Gillian's Wonderland PierOcean City, New Jersey, USAOperating72 mi22° NNE
Steel PierAtlantic City, New Jersey, USAOperating80 mi26° NNE
 Storybook LandEgg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USAOperating80 mi19° NNE
 Leonardtown Volunteer Fire DepartmentLeonardtown, Maryland, USAOperating84 mi268° W
Blue Diamond ParkNew Castle, Delaware, USAOperating94 mi341° NNW
 Fantasy Island Amusement ParkBeach Haven, New Jersey, USAOperating97 mi27° NNE
 Six Flags AmericaUpper Marlboro, Maryland, USAOperating100 mi294° WNW
 Clementon ParkClementon, New Jersey, USAOperating102 mi3° N
 Laugh Out Loud StationsGreenbelt, Maryland, USAUnder Construction109 mi295° WNW
 Go-Karts PlusWilliamsburg, Virginia, USAOperating114 mi234° SW
 Brandywine Picnic ParkWest Chester, Pennsylvania, USAOperating114 mi345° NNW
Busch Gardens WilliamsburgWilliamsburg, Virginia, USAOperating114 mi228° SW
 FunplexMount Laurel, New Jersey, USAOperating114 mi5° N
 Motor WorldVirginia Beach, Virginia, USAOperating116 mi205° SSW
 Glen Echo ParkGlen Echo, Maryland, USAOperating119 mi292° WNW
 Blackbeard's CaveBayville, New Jersey, USAOperating121 mi23° NNE
Funtown PierSeaside Park, New Jersey, USAOperating124 mi25° NNE
 Casino PierSeaside Heights, New Jersey, USAOperating124 mi25° NNE