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 Funderland Amusement ParkSacramento, California, USAOperating34 mi338° NNW
 Scandia Family Fun CenterSacramento, California, USAOperating41 mi353° N
 Pixieland Amusement ParkConcord, California, USAOperating41 mi261° W
 John's Incredible Pizza CompanyRoseville, California, USAOperating47 mi1° N
Six Flags Discovery KingdomVallejo, California, USAOperating52 mi274° W
 Oakland ZooOakland, California, USAOperating53 mi244° WSW
California's Great AmericaSanta Clara, California, USAOperating61 mi219° SW
Happy Hollow Park and ZooSan Jose, California, USAOperating61 mi211° SSW
 TraintownSonoma, California, USAOperating66 mi282° WNW
 Kiwanis KiddielandMerced, California, USAOperating68 mi140° SE
Gilroy Gardens Family Theme ParkGilroy, California, USAOperating77 mi194° SSW
Santa Cruz Beach BoardwalkSanta Cruz, California, USAOperating87 mi208° SSW
 J's Amusement ParkGuerneville, California, USASBNO98 mi287° WNW
 Rotary Storyland and PlaylandFresno, California, USAOperating122 mi138° SE
 Blackbeard's Family Entertainment CenterFresno, California, USAOperating123 mi135° SE
 Playland ParkReno, Nevada, USAOperating127 mi37° NE
 Wild IslandSparks, Nevada, USAOperating131 mi39° NE
Six Flags Magic MountainValencia, California, USAOperating293 mi148° SSE
Universal Studios HollywoodUniversal City, California, USAOperating318 mi148° SSE
Pacific ParkSanta Monica, California, USAOperating321 mi150° SSE
 Los Angeles County FairgroundsPomona, California, USAOperating338 mi143° SE
 Boomers Family Fun CenterUpland, California, USAOperating341 mi142° SE
 Knott's Berry FarmBuena Park, California, USAOperating345 mi146° SSE
 Adventure CityAnaheim, California, USAOperating347 mi147° SSE