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Criteria: Near = Gillian's Wonderland Pier (Ocean City, New Jersey, USA)
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Luna ParkBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating95 mi18° NNE
 Adventurers Family Entertainment CenterBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating96 mi18° NNE
 Bowcraft PlaylandScotch Plains, New Jersey, USAOperating97 mi5° N
 Kids 'N ActionBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating98 mi18° NNE
 Dutch WonderlandLancaster, Pennsylvania, USAOperating102 mi301° WNW
Dorney Park & Wildwater KingdomAllentown, Pennsylvania, USAOperating104 mi330° NNW
 Victorian GardensNew York, New York, USAOperating108 mi16° NNE
 Fantasy Forest at the Flushing Meadows CarouselFlushing, New York, USAOperating108 mi20° NNE
 Land Of Make BelieveHope, New Jersey, USAOperating114 mi349° N
 AdventurelandFarmingdale, New York, USAOperating119 mi30° NNE
 Six Flags AmericaUpper Marlboro, Maryland, USAOperating121 mi258° WSW
 Playland ParkRye, New York, USAOperating126 mi21° NNE
 Pocono Play ParkEast Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USAOperating126 mi347° NNW
 Laugh Out Loud StationsGreenbelt, Maryland, USAUnder Construction127 mi262° W
 Leonardtown Volunteer Fire DepartmentLeonardtown, Maryland, USAOperating131 mi239° WSW
HersheyparkHershey, Pennsylvania, USAOperating131 mi302° WNW
 Boomers Family Fun CenterMedford, New York, USAOperating136 mi37° NE
 Country Fair Entertainment ParkMedford, New York, USAOperating137 mi36° NE
 Glen Echo ParkGlen Echo, Maryland, USAOperating140 mi261° W
 Williams Grove Amusement ParkMechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USASBNO145 mi295° WNW
 Adventure Park USANew Market, Maryland, USAOperating145 mi273° W
Party Zone USAMiddletown, New York, USAOperating151 mi3° N
Knoebels Amusement Park & ResortElysburg, Pennsylvania, USAOperating151 mi317° NW
 Central Park Fun-LandFredericksburg, Virginia, USAOperating172 mi247° WSW