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Stricker's GroveRoss, Ohio, USAOperating19242429 mi
Kings IslandMason, Ohio, USAOperating4/29/197214439 mi
Indianapolis ZooIndianapolis, Indiana, USAOperating4/18/19641444 mi
 Wet 'n Wild Emerald PointeGreensboro, North Carolina, USAOperating1984-446 mi
 Pedroland ParkDillon, South Carolina, USAOperating-448 mi
 That Fun PlaceGreenfield, Indiana, USAOperating2006 or earlier-450 mi
 Celebration StationClearwater, Florida, USAOperating2004 or earlier1451 mi
 Fast Lane EntertainmentLowell, Arkansas, USAOperating5/1/20081452 mi
 BigShot Amusement ParkLinn Creek, Missouri, USAOperating-455 mi
Boardwalk AmusementsDaytona Beach, Florida, USAOperating2013 or earlier1456 mi
Miner Mike's Adventure TownOsage Beach, Missouri, USAOperating1456 mi
Lowry Park ZooTampa, Florida, USAOperating19571458 mi
Busch Gardens TampaTampa, Florida, USAOperating3/31/19598459 mi
 Family Kingdom Amusement ParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating19663468 mi
 Broadway Grand PrixMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating1994 - 2003-468 mi
 Pavilion ParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating1468 mi
Walt Disney World - Magic KingdomLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating10/1/19714470 mi
Universal Studios FloridaOrlando, Florida, USAOperating6/7/19904472 mi
Universal Studios Islands of AdventureOrlando, Florida, USAOperating5/28/19994472 mi
Walt Disney World - Disney's Animal KingdomLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating4/22/19983473 mi
Fun Spot AmericaOrlando, Florida, USAOperating1995 - 19973473 mi
Walt Disney World - Disney's Hollywood StudiosLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating5/1/19892474 mi
SeaWorld OrlandoOrlando, Florida, USAOperating12/15/19735475 mi
Fun Spot AmericaKissimmee, Florida, USAOperating1990s2477 mi
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