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 Dutch WonderlandLancaster, Pennsylvania, USAOperating389 mi114° ESE
 Glen Echo ParkGlen Echo, Maryland, USAOperating390 mi127° SE
 Laugh Out Loud StationsGreenbelt, Maryland, USAUnder Construction398 mi125° SE
Dorney Park & Wildwater KingdomAllentown, Pennsylvania, USAOperating405 mi107° ESE
 Six Flags AmericaUpper Marlboro, Maryland, USAOperating408 mi125° SE
 Central Park Fun-LandFredericksburg, Virginia, USAOperating408 mi134° SE
 Pocono Play ParkEast Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USAOperating415 mi101° ESE
 Brandywine Picnic ParkWest Chester, Pennsylvania, USAOperating420 mi113° ESE
 Beech BendBowling Green, Kentucky, USAOperating424 mi207° SSW
 Land Of Make BelieveHope, New Jersey, USAOperating426 mi102° ESE
Blue Diamond ParkNew Castle, Delaware, USAOperating430 mi115° ESE
Kings DominionDoswell, Virginia, USAOperating435 mi136° SE
 Dogwood LakesDunmor, Kentucky, USAOperating435 mi211° SSW
 Carousel Village at Indian WalkNewton, Pennsylvania, USAOperating440 mi108° ESE
 Leonardtown Volunteer Fire DepartmentLeonardtown, Maryland, USAOperating442 mi129° SE
Party Zone USAMiddletown, New York, USAOperating444 mi96° E
 Sesame PlaceLanghorne, Pennsylvania, USAOperating448 mi108° ESE
 FunplexMount Laurel, New Jersey, USAOperating453 mi110° ESE
 Clementon ParkClementon, New Jersey, USAOperating454 mi111° ESE
 Bowcraft PlaylandScotch Plains, New Jersey, USAOperating459 mi103° ESE
 NASCAR SpeedParkSevierville, Tennessee, USAOperating465 mi184° S
 Hoffman's PlaylandLatham, New York, USAOperating466 mi85° E
 Rockin' RacewayPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating467 mi184° S
DollywoodPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating467 mi184° S