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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersDistance
Universal Studios FloridaOrlando, Florida, USAOperating6/7/199040 mi
Fun Spot AmericaOrlando, Florida, USAOperating1995 - 199731 mi
SeaWorld OrlandoOrlando, Florida, USAOperating12/15/197354 mi
Walt Disney World - Magic KingdomLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating10/1/197148 mi
Walt Disney World - Disney's Hollywood StudiosLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating5/1/1989210 mi
Fun Spot AmericaKissimmee, Florida, USAOperating1990s210 mi
Old TownKissimmee, Florida, USAOperating12/12/1986-10 mi
Walt Disney World - Disney's Animal KingdomLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating4/22/1998311 mi
Legoland FloridaWinter Haven, Florida, USAOperating1/2/1936436 mi
Andretti Thrill ParkMelbourne, Florida, USAOperating1999159 mi
Boardwalk AmusementsDaytona Beach, Florida, USAOperating2013 or earlier159 mi
Busch Gardens TampaTampa, Florida, USAOperating3/31/1959865 mi
Lowry Park ZooTampa, Florida, USAOperating1957169 mi
 Celebration StationClearwater, Florida, USAOperating2004 or earlier184 mi
 Kidstar ParkPort Charlotte, Florida, USAOperating2003 or earlier-109 mi
 Adventure LandingJacksonville Beach, Florida, USAOperating1126 mi
Zoomers Family Amusement ParkFort Myers Beach, Florida, USAOperating5/15/20121140 mi
 Uncle Bernie's Theme ParkFort Lauderdale, Florida, USAOperating20022180 mi
Wild AdventuresValdosta, Georgia, USAOperating19967191 mi
 City Of Miami PBAMiami, Florida, USAOperating-201 mi
Race City PCBPanama City Beach, Florida, USAOperating19851286 mi
Cobra Adventure ParkPanama City Beach, Florida, USAOperating1286 mi
 Pier Park Amusement RidesPanama City Beach, Florida, USAOperating3/20101292 mi
 Adventure CrossingAugusta, Georgia, USAOperating1349 mi
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