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Criteria: Near = Belle Island Village (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA)
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 Rockin' RacewayPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating0 mi149° SSE
Fun StopPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating1 mi138° SE
DollywoodPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating2 mi109° ESE
 NASCAR SpeedParkSevierville, Tennessee, USAOperating2 mi1° N
 Santa's LandCherokee, North Carolina, USAOperating29 mi143° SE
 Ghost Town in the SkyMaggie Valley, North Carolina, USASBNO32 mi125° SE
 Sir Goony's Fun ZoneChattanooga, Tennessee, USAOperating107 mi239° WSW
 Warner ParkChattanooga, Tennessee, USAOperating110 mi241° WSW
Lake WinnepesaukahRossville, Georgia, USAOperating111 mi239° WSW
North Georgia State FairMarietta, Georgia, USAOperating144 mi204° SSW
Six Flags Over GeorgiaAustell, Georgia, USAOperating151 mi201° SSW
CarowindsCharlotte, North Carolina, USAOperating156 mi107° ESE
Fun Junction USAFayetteville, Georgia, USAOperating167 mi197° SSW
 Beech BendBowling Green, Kentucky, USAOperating179 mi298° WNW
 Adventure CrossingAugusta, Georgia, USAOperating180 mi152° SSE
 Southern AdventuresHuntsville, Alabama, USAOperating187 mi246° WSW
Camden ParkHuntington, West Virginia, USAOperating188 mi17° NNE
Kentucky KingdomLouisville, Kentucky, USASBNO204 mi324° NW
 Wet 'n Wild Emerald PointeGreensboro, North Carolina, USAOperating210 mi85° E
 Dogwood LakesDunmor, Kentucky, USAOperating211 mi295° WNW
Coney IslandCincinnati, Ohio, USAOperating230 mi348° NNW
 Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical GardenCincinnati, Ohio, USAOperating237 mi347° NNW
 Holiday WorldSanta Claus, Indiana, USAOperating244 mi311° NW
 Spring ParkTuscumbia, Alabama, USAOperating245 mi253° WSW