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Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten/CochemKlotten, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOperating1179 mi
 Flamingo ParkHastings, East Sussex, England, UKOperating2006 or earlier1182 mi
Fort Fun AbenteuerlandWasserfall, North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyOperating19724183 mi
JaderparkJaderberg, Lower Saxony, GermanyOperating2183 mi
Botton's Pleasure BeachSkegness, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating1965 or earlier4184 mi
Lost World Adventure ParkSkegness, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating-184 mi
Zoo Safaripark StukenbrockStukenbrock, North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyOperating2185 mi
 ButlinsSkegness, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating4/11/1936-185 mi
Fantasy IslandIngoldmells, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating19955185 mi
Nordsee Spielstadt WangerlandHohenkirchen, Lower Saxony, GermanyOperating20071186 mi
 Golden Palm ResortChapel St. Leonards, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating-186 mi
Erlebnisberg SternrodtOlsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyOperating1187 mi
Trampoline TrierTrier, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOperating2/22/20142189 mi
Freizeitsee TriolagoRiol, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOperating1190 mi
Wild- und Freizeitpark WillingenWillingen, Hesse, GermanyOperating19661190 mi
Potts ParkMinden, North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyOperating2191 mi
Tier-Erlebnispark BellBell, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOperating-192 mi
Dunes LeisureMablethorpe, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating1193 mi
 Golden Sands Holiday ParkMablethorpe, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating2006 or earlier-194 mi
 Fort Fun Amusement ParkEastbourne, East Sussex, England, UKOperating2004 or earlier-195 mi
Wintersportzentrum ErbeskopfDeuselbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOperating1200 mi
Freizeitzentrum SchiederSeeSchieder, North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyOperating1205 mi
Chessington World of AdventuresChessington, Greater London, England, UKOperating19314206 mi
Pleasure Island Family Theme ParkCleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating5/27/19933209 mi
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