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 JaderparkJaderberg, Lower Saxony, GermanyOperating183 mi59° ENE
 Botton's Pleasure BeachSkegness, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating184 mi295° WNW
Lost World Adventure ParkSkegness, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating184 mi295° WNW
 Zoo Safaripark StukenbrockStukenbrock, North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyOperating185 mi91° E
 ButlinsSkegness, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating185 mi296° WNW
 Fantasy IslandIngoldmells, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating185 mi296° WNW
Nordsee Spielstadt WangerlandHohenkirchen, Lower Saxony, GermanyOperating186 mi51° NE
 Golden Palm ResortChapel St. Leonards, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating187 mi297° WNW
 Trampoline TrierTrier, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOperating189 mi147° SSE
Wild- und Freizeitpark WillingenWillingen, Hesse, GermanyOperating190 mi104° ESE
Potts ParkMinden, North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyOperating191 mi83° E
 Tier-Erlebnispark BellBell, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOperating192 mi134° SE
Dunes LeisureMablethorpe, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating193 mi299° WNW
 Golden Sands Holiday ParkMablethorpe, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating194 mi299° WNW
 Fort Fun Amusement ParkEastbourne, East Sussex, England, UKOperating195 mi244° WSW
 Freizeitzentrum SchiederSeeSchieder, North Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyOperating205 mi90° E
Chessington World of AdventuresChessington, Surrey, England, UKOperating206 mi258° WSW
 Pleasure Island Family Theme ParkCleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating209 mi301° WNW
Parc Saint PaulSaint Paul, Picardie, FranceOperating209 mi210° SSW
 Mack's AmusementsCleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England, UKOperating211 mi301° WNW
Walygator ParcMaizières-les-Metz, Lorraine, FranceOperating211 mi157° SSE
Taunus WunderlandSchlangenbad, Hesse, GermanyOperating211 mi127° SE
 Brighton PierBrighton, East Sussex, England, UKOperating212 mi247° WSW
 Thorpe ParkChertsey, Surrey, England, UKOperating213 mi259° W