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Pirates Cove Fun ParkShanklin, Isle of Wight, England, UKOperating7 mi64° ENE
 Sandham RacewaySandown, Isle of Wight, England, UKOperating9 mi56° ENE
 Needles ParkAlum Bay, Isle of Wight, England, UKOperating13 mi296° WNW
Clarence PierPortsmouth, Hampshire, England, UKOperating16 mi33° NNE
Funland Amusement ParkHayling Island, Hampshire, England, UKOperating20 mi46° NE
 West Sands Fun FairSelsey, West Sussex, England, UKOperating24 mi65° ENE
 Adventure WonderlandChristchurch, Dorset, England, UKOperating27 mi299° WNW
Paultons ParkRomsey, Hampshire, England, UKOperating27 mi337° NNW
 Southcoast WorldBognor Regis, West Sussex, England, UKOperating32 mi64° ENE
 Harbour ParkLittlehampton, West Sussex, England, UKOperating37 mi65° ENE
 Leisure RanchWeymouth, Dorset, England, UKOperating50 mi273° W
 Brighton PierBrighton, East Sussex, England, UKOperating54 mi72° ENE
 Thorpe ParkChertsey, Surrey, England, UKOperating66 mi31° NNE
 Legoland WindsorWindsor, Berkshire, England, UKOperating67 mi25° NNE
Chessington World of AdventuresChessington, Surrey, England, UKOperating68 mi39° NE
 Fort Fun Amusement ParkEastbourne, East Sussex, England, UKOperating72 mi78° ENE
 Flamingo ParkHastings, East Sussex, England, UKOperating85 mi76° ENE
 Brean Leisure ParkBrean, Somerset, England, UKOperating88 mi303° WNW
 Devon CliffsExmouth, Devon, England, UKOperating90 mi271° W
Crealy Devon's Great Adventure ParkExeter, Devon, England, UKOperating93 mi275° W
 Teignmouth PierTeignmouth, Devon, England, UKOperating96 mi268° W
 Old MacDonald's FarmBrentwood, Essex, England, UKOperating98 mi42° NE
Barry Island Pleasure ParkBarry Island, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, UKOperating102 mi303° WNW
 Butlins Minehead ResortMinehead, Somerset, England, UKOperating103 mi295° WNW