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 La RondeMontréal, Québec, CanadaOperating382 mi77° ENE
 Magic Forest ParkLake George, New York, USAOperating385 mi100° E
 Haunted TrailsBurbank, Illinois, USAOperating385 mi241° WSW
Indiana BeachMonticello, Indiana, USAOperating386 mi228° SW
 Great EscapeQueensbury, New York, USAOperating387 mi100° E
 Safari LandVilla Park, Illinois, USAOperating388 mi243° WSW
 Enchanted CastleLombard, Illinois, USAOperating391 mi243° WSW
Santa's Village AZoosment ParkDundee, Illinois, USAOperating393 mi245° WSW
 Hoffman's PlaylandLatham, New York, USAOperating397 mi106° ESE
Kings IslandKings Mills, Ohio, USAOperating397 mi203° SSW
 Pocono Play ParkEast Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USAOperating398 mi126° SE
Little AmerrickaMarshall, Wisconsin, USAOperating402 mi258° WSW
Donley's Wild West TownUnion, Illinois, USAOperating403 mi247° WSW
Dorney Park & Wildwater KingdomAllentown, Pennsylvania, USAOperating404 mi131° SE
 That Fun PlaceGreenfield, Indiana, USAOperating406 mi216° SW
Columbian ParkLafayette, Indiana, USAOperating408 mi226° SW
Stricker's GroveRoss, Ohio, USAOperating409 mi206° SSW
 Dutch WonderlandLancaster, Pennsylvania, USAOperating409 mi139° SE
Party Zone USAMiddletown, New York, USAOperating410 mi119° ESE
 Land Of Make BelieveHope, New Jersey, USAOperating411 mi126° SE
 Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical GardenCincinnati, Ohio, USAOperating415 mi204° SSW
 Adventure Park USANew Market, Maryland, USAOperating417 mi149° SSE
Coney IslandCincinnati, Ohio, USAOperating419 mi203° SSW
 Indianapolis ZooIndianapolis, Indiana, USAOperating420 mi218° SW