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Granby ZooGranby, Québec, CanadaOperating421 mi79° E
Timber Falls Adventure ParkWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating429 mi263° W
 Riverview Park & WaterworldWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating429 mi263° W
 Paul Bunyan's Adventure GolfWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating429 mi263° W
 Noah's ArkWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating429 mi263° W
Mt. Olympus Water & Theme ParkWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating429 mi263° W
 Knucklehead's Bowling & Family EntertainmentWisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, USAOperating430 mi263° W
 Brandywine Picnic ParkWest Chester, Pennsylvania, USAOperating435 mi136° SE
Camden ParkHuntington, West Virginia, USAOperating436 mi189° S
 Carousel Village at Indian WalkNewton, Pennsylvania, USAOperating440 mi131° SE
 Bowcraft PlaylandScotch Plains, New Jersey, USAOperating444 mi125° SE
 Glen Echo ParkGlen Echo, Maryland, USAOperating445 mi150° SSE
 Sesame PlaceLanghorne, Pennsylvania, USAOperating448 mi131° SE
 Laugh Out Loud StationsGreenbelt, Maryland, USAUnder Construction449 mi148° SSE
Blue Diamond ParkNew Castle, Delaware, USAOperating450 mi138° SE
Enchanted ForestUtica, Illinois, USAOperating454 mi242° WSW
 Victorian GardensNew York, New York, USAOperating456 mi123° ESE
 Chippewa ParkThunder Bay, Ontario, CanadaOperating457 mi306° NW
 FunplexMount Laurel, New Jersey, USAOperating458 mi132° SE
 Six Flags AmericaUpper Marlboro, Maryland, USAOperating458 mi148° SSE
 Playland ParkRye, New York, USAOperating460 mi120° ESE
Quassy Amusement ParkMiddlebury, Connecticut, USAOperating462 mi114° ESE
 Kids 'N ActionBrooklyn, New York, USAOperating462 mi124° SE
 Fantasy Forest at the Flushing Meadows CarouselFlushing, New York, USAOperating462 mi122° ESE