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 Wild Water & WheelsPeterborough, Ontario, CanadaOperating413 mi334° NNW
Canada's WonderlandVaughan, Ontario, CanadaOperating416 mi325° NW
 O.D. Pavilion and Amusement ParkNorth Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating418 mi212° SSW
Camden ParkHuntington, West Virginia, USAOperating419 mi266° W
 NASCAR SpeedParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating430 mi213° SSW
Freestyle Music ParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USASBNO431 mi213° SSW
 Family Kingdom Amusement ParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating432 mi213° SSW
CarowindsCharlotte, North Carolina, USAOperating433 mi233° SW
 Western FairLondon, Ontario, CanadaOperating434 mi311° NW
Cedar PointSandusky, Ohio, USAOperating450 mi295° WNW
 Columbus Zoo & AquariumPowell, Ohio, USAOperating451 mi282° WNW
 La RondeMontréal, Québec, CanadaOperating457 mi7° N
Granby ZooGranby, Québec, CanadaOperating457 mi12° NNE
Colasanti's Tropical GardensKingsville, Ontario, CanadaOperating465 mi299° WNW
 Blue Mountain Go KartsCollingwood, Ontario, CanadaOperating469 mi325° NW
 Santa's VillageBracebridge, Ontario, CanadaOperating479 mi332° NNW
 Pays des MerveillesSainte-Adèle, Québec, CanadaOperating484 mi3° N
 Story Book ParkOwen Sound, Ontario, CanadaOperating496 mi322° NW