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Lowry Park ZooTampa, Florida, USAOperating1957116 mi
Busch Gardens TampaTampa, Florida, USAOperating3/31/1959819 mi
Legoland FloridaWinter Haven, Florida, USAOperating1/2/1936463 mi
Walt Disney World - Disney's Animal KingdomLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating4/22/1998374 mi
Walt Disney World - Disney's Hollywood StudiosLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating5/1/1989276 mi
Walt Disney World - Magic KingdomLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating10/1/1971476 mi
 Kidstar ParkPort Charlotte, Florida, USAOperating2003 or earlier-77 mi
Old TownKissimmee, Florida, USAOperating12/12/1986-78 mi
Fun Spot AmericaKissimmee, Florida, USAOperating1990s278 mi
SeaWorld OrlandoOrlando, Florida, USAOperating12/15/1973583 mi
Universal Studios Islands of AdventureOrlando, Florida, USAOperating5/28/1999484 mi
Universal Studios FloridaOrlando, Florida, USAOperating6/7/1990484 mi
Fun Spot AmericaOrlando, Florida, USAOperating1995 - 1997384 mi
Zoomers Family Amusement ParkFort Myers Beach, Florida, USAOperating5/15/20121115 mi
Andretti Thrill ParkMelbourne, Florida, USAOperating19991129 mi
Boardwalk AmusementsDaytona Beach, Florida, USAOperating2013 or earlier1135 mi
 Adventure LandingJacksonville Beach, Florida, USAOperating1177 mi
Wild AdventuresValdosta, Georgia, USAOperating19967192 mi
 Uncle Bernie's Theme ParkFort Lauderdale, Florida, USAOperating20022202 mi
 City Of Miami PBAMiami, Florida, USAOperating-217 mi
Race City PCBPanama City Beach, Florida, USAOperating19851239 mi
Cobra Adventure ParkPanama City Beach, Florida, USAOperating1239 mi
 Pier Park Amusement RidesPanama City Beach, Florida, USAOperating3/20101244 mi
 Sam's Fun CityPensacola, Florida, USAOperating2000 or earlier1323 mi
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