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 Storybook LandEgg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USAOperating265 mi227° SW
 Gillian's Wonderland PierOcean City, New Jersey, USAOperating271 mi225° SW
 La RondeMontréal, Québec, CanadaOperating271 mi332° NNW
Playland's Castaway CoveOcean City, New Jersey, USAOperating271 mi225° SW
 Brandywine Picnic ParkWest Chester, Pennsylvania, USAOperating286 mi240° WSW
 Morey's PiersWildwood, New Jersey, USAOperating294 mi224° SW
 Splash Zone Water ParkWildwood, New Jersey, USAOperating295 mi224° SW
Blue Diamond ParkNew Castle, Delaware, USAOperating298 mi236° WSW
Knoebels Amusement Park & ResortElysburg, Pennsylvania, USAOperating300 mi255° WSW
 Dutch WonderlandLancaster, Pennsylvania, USAOperating309 mi244° WSW
 Pays des MerveillesSainte-Adèle, Québec, CanadaOperating314 mi330° NNW
 Kingston Family Fun World ParkKingston, Ontario, CanadaOperating319 mi300° WNW
HersheyparkHershey, Pennsylvania, USAOperating322 mi249° WSW
 Upper Clements ParkUpper Clements, Nova Scotia, CanadaOperating326 mi54° NE
 Méga ParcQuebec City, Québec, CanadaOperating329 mi357° N
 Jolly Roger Amusement ParkOcean City, Maryland, USAOperating337 mi221° SW
 Jolly Roger at the PierOcean City, Maryland, USAOperating339 mi221° SW
 Trimper's RidesOcean City, Maryland, USAOperating339 mi221° SW
 Baja AmusementsOcean City, Maryland, USAOperating339 mi221° SW
 Williams Grove Amusement ParkMechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USASBNO344 mi249° WSW
 SeabreezeRochester, New York, USAOperating345 mi285° WNW
 Six Flags AmericaUpper Marlboro, Maryland, USAOperating377 mi236° WSW
 Laugh Out Loud StationsGreenbelt, Maryland, USAUnder Construction379 mi237° WSW
 Adventure Park USANew Market, Maryland, USAOperating380 mi242° WSW