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Feshane Luna ParkIstanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating3 mi243° WSW
VialandIstanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating4 mi279° W
Bayrampaşa City ParkIstanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating6 mi269° W
Landora Temalı ParkIstanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyUnder Construction6 mi256° WSW
 Crocus ParkÜmraniye, Istanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating7 mi107° ESE
Bostanci Luna ParkKadıköy, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating9 mi142° SE
 Mall of IstanbulIstanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyUnder Construction10 mi270° W
 Luna ParkIstanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating10 mi249° WSW
 StarparkKüçükçekmece, Istanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating11 mi266° W
 Florya LunaparkBüyükçekmece, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating12 mi234° SW
 Kavakli Luna ParkKüçükçekmece, Istanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating13 mi247° WSW
 Aydos OrmanıKartal, Istanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating15 mi122° ESE
Star ParkIstanbul, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating16 mi255° WSW
Via/Crazy ParkSultanbeyli, Istanbul, TurkeyOperating19 mi116° ESE
Faruk Yalçın ZooGebze, Kocaeli, TurkeyOperating28 mi134° SE
Park Lunasanİzmit, Kocaeli, TurkeyOperating54 mi112° ESE
 AltınPark BursaBursa, Bursa, TurkeyOperating60 mi177° S
 Lunaparkİnegöl, Bursa, TurkeyOperating74 mi158° SSE
 Eski LunaparkBalikesir, Balikesir, TurkeyOperating114 mi211° SSW
 Sea GardenBurgas, Burgas, BulgariaOperating126 mi322° NW
 Sunny Beach Luna ParkSunny Beach, Burgas, BulgariaOperating131 mi330° NNW
 Playground VarnaVarna, Varna, BulgariaOperating158 mi340° NNW
 Akhisar Luna ParkAkhisar, Manisa, TurkeyOperating160 mi202° SSW
 Akasya Luna ParkAfyonkarahisar, Afyon, TurkeyOperating175 mi153° SSE