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Parc Ange MichelSaint Martin de Landelles, Normandy - Lower, FranceOperating1991230 mi
Normandie LugeLa Ferrière-Harang, Normandy - Lower, FranceOperating2013157 mi
 KingolandPlumelin, Brittany, FranceOperating4/19/2014262 mi
 Parc des NaudièresSautron, Pays de la Loire, FranceOperating2003 or earlier181 mi
FestylandBretteville-Sur-Odon, Normandy - Lower, FranceOperating6/11/1989282 mi
Holly ParkÉchemiré, Pays de la Loire, FranceSBNO2003 or earlier299 mi
 Papéa ParcYvré-l'Evêque, Pays de la Loire, FranceOperating19743101 mi
 Parc de la ValleeMassais, Poitou-Charentes, FranceOperating2004 or earlier2121 mi
La Récré des 3 CurésMilizac, Brittany, FranceOperating2124 mi
 Family ParkSaint-Martin-le-Beau, Centre, FranceOperating2013 or earlier1148 mi
 Blackgang ChineVentnor, Isle of Wight, England, UKOperating5/18431151 mi
 Leisure RanchWeymouth, Dorset, England, UKOperating-154 mi
Parc du BocasseBocasse, Normandy - Upper, FranceOperating19693155 mi
Pirates Cove Fun ParkShanklin, Isle of Wight, England, UKOperating1999 or earlier1155 mi
 Needles ParkAlum Bay, Isle of Wight, England, UKOperating-155 mi
 Sandham RacewaySandown, Isle of Wight, England, UKOperating2007 or earlier-157 mi
 L'Île aux GéantsDissay, Poitou-Charentes, FranceOperating20131159 mi
FuturoscopeJaunay-Clan, Poitou-Charentes, FranceOperating1160 mi
 Adventure WonderlandChristchurch, Dorset, England, UKOperating1162 mi
 Teignmouth PierTeignmouth, Devon, England, UKOperating1999 or earlier-164 mi
 West Sands Fun FairSelsey, West Sussex, England, UKOperating2009 or earlier1165 mi
 Devon CliffsExmouth, Devon, England, UKOperating1991 or earlier-166 mi
Clarence PierPortsmouth, Hampshire, England, UKOperating2166 mi
Funland Amusement ParkHayling Island, Hampshire, England, UKOperating3167 mi
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