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Six Flags Over GeorgiaAustell, Georgia, USAOperating20 mi339° NNW
North Georgia State FairMarietta, Georgia, USAOperating29 mi341° NNW
Lake WinnepesaukahRossville, Georgia, USAOperating113 mi335° NNW
 Sir Goony's Fun ZoneChattanooga, Tennessee, USAOperating114 mi337° NNW
 Warner ParkChattanooga, Tennessee, USAOperating118 mi335° NNW
 Adventure CrossingAugusta, Georgia, USAOperating133 mi89° E
Splash AdventureBessemer, Alabama, USAOperating149 mi267° W
 Southern AdventuresHuntsville, Alabama, USAOperating149 mi304° NW
 Santa's LandCherokee, North Carolina, USAOperating152 mi25° NNE
 Ghost Town in the SkyMaggie Valley, North Carolina, USASBNO160 mi27° NNE
Fun StopPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating166 mi17° NNE
 Rockin' RacewayPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating167 mi16° NNE
DollywoodPigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAOperating167 mi17° NNE
 NASCAR SpeedParkSevierville, Tennessee, USAOperating169 mi16° NNE
Wild AdventuresValdosta, Georgia, USAOperating203 mi161° SSE
 Spring ParkTuscumbia, Alabama, USAOperating206 mi295° WNW
CarowindsCharlotte, North Carolina, USAOperating228 mi59° ENE
 Miracle Strip Pier ParkPanama City Beach, Florida, USAOperating242 mi200° SSW
 Cobra Adventure ParkPanama City Beach, Florida, USAOperating243 mi199° SSW
 Sam's Fun CityPensacola, Florida, USAOperating266 mi219° SW
 Beech BendBowling Green, Kentucky, USAOperating268 mi336° NNW
 Adventure LandingJacksonville Beach, Florida, USAOperating284 mi140° SE
 Dogwood LakesDunmor, Kentucky, USAOperating288 mi330° NNW
 Waterville USAGulf Shores, Alabama, USAOperating295 mi221° SW