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 Longquan ParkDongbao, Jingmen, Hubei, ChinaOperating58 mi66° ENE
 Zhongshan ParkShashi, Jingzhou, Hubei, ChinaOperating63 mi115° ESE
 Xiangyang ParkXiangcheng, Xiangyang, Hubei, ChinaOperating105 mi28° NNE
 Zizhen ParkFancheng, Xiangyang, Hubei, ChinaOperating106 mi27° NNE
Yueyang ParadiseYueyanglou, Yueyang, Hunan, ChinaOperating143 mi130° SE
 Baihe River IslandsNanyang, Henan, ChinaOperating173 mi24° NNE
 Wuhan ZooHanyang, Wuhan, Hubei, ChinaOperating176 mi92° E
 Wuhan Zhongshan ParkJianghan, Wuhan, Hubei, ChinaOperating177 mi91° E
 Tingtao Scenic AreaWuchang, Wuhan, Hubei, ChinaOperating183 mi92° E
Wuhan Peace ParkQingshan, Wuhan, Hubei, ChinaOperating184 mi90° E
Happy ValleyHongshan, Wuhan, Hubei, ChinaOperating184 mi91° E
 Qingshan ParkQingshan, Wuhan, Hubei, ChinaOperating185 mi90° E
 Hunan Martyr's ParkKaifu, Changsha, Hunan, ChinaOperating200 mi148° SSE
Window of the WorldKaifu, Changsha, Hunan, ChinaOperating200 mi147° SSE
 Cartoon Paradise of Nanjiao ParkTianxin, Changsha, Hunan, ChinaOperating204 mi150° SSE
 Shima ParkLouxing, Loudi, Hunan, ChinaOperating210 mi167° SSE
 Changsha Ecological ZooChangsha, Changsha, Hunan, ChinaOperating211 mi150° SSE
 Kongque PlazaYuetang, Xiangtan, Hunan, ChinaOperating215 mi149° SSE
 Peace ParkYuhu, Xiangtan, Hunan, ChinaOperating218 mi153° SSE
 Fantawild AdventureShifeng, Zhuzhou, Hunan, ChinaOperating220 mi148° SSE
Fantawild DreamlandShifeng, Zhuzhou, Hunan, ChinaUnder Construction220 mi148° SSE
 Zhumadian Forest ParkYicheng, Zhumadian, Henan, ChinaOperating223 mi44° NE
 Shifeng ParkShifeng, Zhuzhou, Hunan, ChinaOperating225 mi150° SSE
 Zhuzhou Culture ParkLusong, Zhuzhou, Hunan, ChinaOperating226 mi150° SSE