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 Upper Clements ParkUpper Clements, Nova Scotia, CanadaOperating414 mi57° ENE
 Blue Mountain Go KartsCollingwood, Ontario, CanadaOperating424 mi299° WNW
 Erieview ParkGeneva, Ohio, USAOperating428 mi274° W
 Western FairLondon, Ontario, CanadaOperating447 mi284° WNW
 Story Book ParkOwen Sound, Ontario, CanadaOperating460 mi298° WNW
 Tuscora ParkNew Philadelphia, Ohio, USAOperating465 mi262° W
Memphis Kiddie ParkCleveland, Ohio, USAOperating471 mi270° W
 DeadwoodWilliamston, North Carolina, USAOperating475 mi212° SSW
 Swings-N-Things Family Fun ParkOlmsted Township, Ohio, USAOperating481 mi270° W
 Atlantic PlaylandHammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, CanadaOperating496 mi61° ENE
Crystal Palace Amusement ParkDieppe, New Brunswick, CanadaOperating497 mi49° NE