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FunWorksAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating12/1/201410 mi
Yas WaterworldAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating1/20/201311 mi
Warner Bros. World Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesUnder Construction2018-1 mi
Sparky's Family Fun CenterAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating2009 - 201019 mi
 Sparky's Family Fun CenterAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating2011113 mi
 Baniyas Children's ParkAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating2009 or earlier-14 mi
Sparky's Family Fun CenterAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating2010 or earlier116 mi
Fun CityAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating3/2001118 mi
 MotiongateDubai, United Arab EmiratesUnder Construction10/2016539 mi
 Legoland DubaiDubai, United Arab EmiratesUnder Construction10/2016239 mi
Global VillageDubai, United Arab EmiratesOperating1/2009-60 mi
 IMG Worlds of AdventureDubai, United Arab EmiratesUnder Construction8/15/2016361 mi
Sega RepublicDubai, United Arab EmiratesOperating2009165 mi
StargateDubai, United Arab EmiratesOperating168 mi
 Encounter ZoneDubai, United Arab EmiratesOperating1998-68 mi
Al-Nasr LeisurelandDubai, United Arab EmiratesOperating10/10/1979-68 mi
Sparky's Family Entertainment CentreDubai, United Arab EmiratesOperating10/1/2013170 mi
AdventurelandSharjah, United Arab EmiratesOperating2/20/2002374 mi
 Foton WorldSharjah, United Arab EmiratesOperating12/1999-74 mi
Hili Fun CityAl Ain, United Arab EmiratesOperating275 mi
Al Montazah Amusement ParkSharjah, United Arab EmiratesOperating1979177 mi
Antic's LandSharjah, United Arab EmiratesOperating2002178 mi
Fun CityAl Ain, United Arab EmiratesOperating179 mi
Madinat Zayed GardenMadinat Zayid, United Arab EmiratesOperating2008 or earlier182 mi
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