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North Georgia State FairMarietta, Georgia, USAOperating352 mi247° WSW
 FunplexMount Laurel, New Jersey, USAOperating352 mi37° NE
Six Flags Over GeorgiaAustell, Georgia, USAOperating354 mi245° WSW
 Fantasy Island Amusement ParkBeach Haven, New Jersey, USAOperating356 mi44° NE
Fun Junction USAFayetteville, Georgia, USAOperating357 mi242° WSW
 Sir Goony's Fun ZoneChattanooga, Tennessee, USAOperating360 mi261° W
Knoebels Amusement Park & ResortElysburg, Pennsylvania, USAOperating363 mi20° NNE
Lake WinnepesaukahRossville, Georgia, USAOperating363 mi260° W
 Warner ParkChattanooga, Tennessee, USAOperating364 mi261° W
 Sesame PlaceLanghorne, Pennsylvania, USAOperating365 mi36° NE
 Carousel Village at Indian WalkNewton, Pennsylvania, USAOperating366 mi34° NE
Dorney Park & Wildwater KingdomAllentown, Pennsylvania, USAOperating367 mi29° NNE
 Columbus Zoo & AquariumPowell, Ohio, USAOperating368 mi322° NW
Coney IslandCincinnati, Ohio, USAOperating368 mi306° NW
Kings IslandKings Mills, Ohio, USAOperating373 mi310° NW
 Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical GardenCincinnati, Ohio, USAOperating376 mi307° NW
 Blackbeard's CaveBayville, New Jersey, USAOperating376 mi42° NE
Six Flags Great AdventureJackson, New Jersey, USAOperating377 mi39° NE
Funtown PierSeaside Park, New Jersey, USAOperating380 mi42° NE
 Casino PierSeaside Heights, New Jersey, USAOperating381 mi42° NE
Stricker's GroveRoss, Ohio, USAOperating389 mi307° NW
Jenkinson's BoardwalkPoint Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, USAOperating389 mi41° NE
Conneaut Lake ParkConneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, USAOperating398 mi349° N
 Land Of Make BelieveHope, New Jersey, USAOperating402 mi31° NNE