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 Sparky's Family Fun CenterAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating20111388 mi
Warner Bros. World Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesUnder Construction2018-388 mi
Yas WaterworldAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating1/20/20131388 mi
FunWorksAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating12/1/20141388 mi
Ferrari World Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating11/4/20105388 mi
 Varamin ParkVaramin, Tehran, IranOperating2002 or earlier-389 mi
Sparky's Family Fun CenterAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating2009 - 20101394 mi
 Madhab Sulpheric Spring ParkFujairah, United Arab EmiratesOperating2005 or earlier-398 mi
 Buddle LundHafar Al-Batin, Eastern Region, Saudi ArabiaOperating2005 - 20121401 mi
 Baniyas Children's ParkAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesOperating2009 or earlier-403 mi
Be'sat ParkTehran, Tehran, IranOperating2008 or earlier1412 mi
 Park BasijTehran, Tehran, IranOperating2007 or earlier2413 mi
 Rangin Kaman Amusement ParkHamedan, Hamedan, IranOperating2011 - 20141417 mi
Eram ParkTehran, Tehran, IranOperating2000 or earlier6418 mi
 Chamran ParkKaraj, Tehran, IranOperating2007 or earlier1427 mi
Hili Fun CityAl Ain, United Arab EmiratesOperating2430 mi
Madinat Zayed GardenMadinat Zayid, United Arab EmiratesOperating2008 or earlier1431 mi
Fun CityAl Ain, United Arab EmiratesOperating1439 mi
 City of GamesKermanshah, Kermanshah, IranOperating2005 or earlier1446 mi
Sohar Entertainment CentreSohar, OmanOperating2006 - 20091457 mi
Saham ParkSaham, OmanOperating2009 - 2010-476 mi
 Park AldhermujhRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaOperating2005 or earlier1485 mi
 White Horse Amusement ParkEmamrud, Mazandaran, IranOperating20121485 mi
 Saffori LandRiyadh, Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaOperating2007 - 20081489 mi
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