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Universal Studios FloridaOrlando, Florida, USAOperating59 mi208° SSW
Universal Studios Islands of AdventureOrlando, Florida, USAOperating59 mi208° SSW
Fun Spot AmericaOrlando, Florida, USAOperating59 mi207° SSW
SeaWorld OrlandoOrlando, Florida, USAOperating63 mi206° SSW
Walt Disney World - Magic KingdomLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating66 mi211° SSW
Walt Disney World - Disney's Hollywood StudiosLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating69 mi209° SSW
Fun Spot USAKissimmee, Florida, USAOperating69 mi206° SSW
 Old TownKissimmee, Florida, USAOperating69 mi206° SSW
Walt Disney World - Disney's Animal KingdomLake Buena Vista, Florida, USAOperating70 mi210° SSW
 Adventure LandingJacksonville Beach, Florida, USAOperating77 mi341° NNW
Legoland FloridaWinter Haven, Florida, USAOperating95 mi206° SSW
Busch Gardens TampaTampa, Florida, USAOperating119 mi226° SW
Lowry Park ZooTampa, Florida, USAOperating122 mi226° SW
 Celebration StationClearwater, Florida, USAOperating135 mi231° SW
 Kidstar ParkPort Charlotte, Florida, USAOperating168 mi204° SSW
Wild AdventuresValdosta, Georgia, USAOperating173 mi307° NW
Zoomers Family Amusement ParkFort Myers Beach, Florida, USAOperating197 mi196° SSW
 Uncle Bernie's Theme ParkFort Lauderdale, Florida, USAOperating220 mi166° SSE
 BoomersDania, Florida, USAOperating226 mi166° SSE
 City Of Miami PBAMiami, Florida, USAOperating243 mi168° SSE
 Cobra Adventure ParkPanama City Beach, Florida, USAOperating295 mi284° WNW
 Miracle Strip Pier ParkPanama City Beach, Florida, USAOperating300 mi284° WNW
 Adventure CrossingAugusta, Georgia, USAOperating302 mi347° NNW
 Family Kingdom Amusement ParkMyrtle Beach, South Carolina, USAOperating332 mi21° NNE