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 Tivoli - SmallTivoliZierer
 Tivoli - Small (variant)TivoliZierer
 Tivoli - UnknownTivoliZierer
 TobogganAll ModelsChance Rides
 TokaydoAll ModelsVafaei Rides
 TornadoPowered CoasterZamperla
 Tower Coaster (MX875)All ModelsSBF Visa Group
 Tower Launch CoasterOtherZierer
 Tropical TrackAll ModelsInterpark
 Tube CoasterAll Modelsabc rides
 TwistSpinning CoasterMack Rides GmbH & Co KG
 Twist and Turn CoasterOtherIntamin AG
 Twisted Impulse CoasterOtherIntamin AG
 Twister Coaster 420STDOtherZamperla
 Twister Coaster CompactOtherZamperla
 TyphoonAll ModelsTop Fun
 TyphoonAll ModelsEos Rides
 UnknownPowered CoasterMack Rides GmbH & Co KG
 VerticalX-CarMaurer Söhne
 Volare (Custom)OtherZamperla
 Wacky WormAll ModelsPreston & Barbieri