Roller Coasters2


This was the fist Blauer Enzian model and was believed to have been introduced in 1969. This model does not have a helix that later units had. It's also believe three units of this type were built:

1) Owned by German showman Hans-Jürgen Tiemann and operated as the Tokaido Express. It later became the Super Train Tokaido at Tivoli World.
2) Premiered during or before 1971 at Oktoberfest as was owned by German showman Peter Dom, who later purchased two Version 2 units.  This unit was sold to Dutch showman Stuj-Vermolen end of 1974.
2) Tiemann purchased a second unit in 1972 and it has operated under many names most recently as the Tokaido Express at Lunapark Fréjus in 2019.

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