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The Aswad Group has many Adventure World locations throughout Saudi Arabia. As of November 2020, the following locations were known not to have roller coasters:
- Within the Farm Superstores 24 @ 25°20'05.5"N 49°36'48.2"E in Al Mazrooa, Al Hofuf. Mini flume and some Zamperla rides.
- Within the Farm Superstores 30 @ 28°25'38.6"N 48°28'37.4"E in Alamir Fahd Ibn Salman, Khafji.  Small location.
- Within a shopping center @ 19°51'41.4"N 41°34'16.0"E in Al Mustashfa, Baljurashi.  Small location.
- Within the Farm Superstores @ 27°27'37.4"N 48°30'49.8"E in Albostan, Nairyah.  Small location.
- Within the Al Danah Gallery @ 25°23'22.3"N 49°34'50.7"E in Al Hofuf.  Closed circa 2019 perhaps due to the other Al Hofuf opening around the same time.


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