Via Curtatone e Montanara 30/a
Suzzara, Lombardy, Italy


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Former statusOperated
Roller Coasters Built186
Roller Coaster Locations265
Extant Roller Coasters87


One model not listed below is the "Colossus" which has a 50m width. This should be a looping roller coaster with one vertical loop. At least one of these were built for "Viviani/Italy" (thought to be a traveling showman). It isn't know if any more of these were built or where they went if they were. A little information on how to identify a Pinfari Z47 versus a Z64 model (thanks to Victor Canfield):
It is hard to see the length difference in the photographs, but there is a height difference as well. Looking at the ride from the front (station-side), the second turn on the helix at the left (low) end is about level with the station roof on the 47 m rides. This second turn is usually not visible in photographs taken from ground level from the front. On the 64 m rides, the second turn of the helix is about as high above the station roof as the distance between the two turns and clearly visible. There are similar, but more subtle differences at the right (high) end. In the 47 m rides, the last turn before the station is very low to the ground, while it is much higher on the 64 m ride. Your photos of the Blue Diamond ride show a surprisingly steep approach to the station. The spacing between the turns of the helix compared to the total height at the high end is noticeably different between the two sizes of rides, although a bit difficult to describe. There are no consistent differences in decoration. None of those 47 m rides has the hexagonal decorations on the edge of the station roof, while most, but not all of the 64 m rides have this feature.
In the case of a Pinfari Z40 ride, the lift hill goes diagonally across the ride making it much easier to differentiate.
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