Former status:Operated
Roller Coasters:46 (18 relocated)
History:S.D.C. went bankrupt near the end of 1993 and the rights to various rides passed to C&S, S&MC, and Zamperla.
Notes:Plaques with "Duce" can be found on the trains of S.D.C. roller coasters.  This is in reference to Mack Duce who advertised as "Mack Duce/Export Sales Corp.".  Bumper cars were also advertised from this company and attributed to Spagiari-Barbieri-Duce.
Owner / Operator:The principals of S.D.C. were Walter Spaggiari, Mack D. Duce and Giancarlo Casoli, which also made for the company's initials.  Around 1964 Walter Spaggiari was known to work with Barbieri, perhaps before the Barbieri Rides  company existed.  Giancarlo Casoli is/was somehow connected with the Mirabilandia amusement park.
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