Top Fun

Via Colombano 74
Castelnovo Bariano, Veneto, Italy



All Models
3Wild Mouse 30
2Super Nessi


Roller Coasters Built13
Roller Coaster Locations22
Extant Roller Coasters7


Whether Top Fun is a ride broker, manufacturer or combination of both is a bit of mystery.

According to NAFLIC (National Association For Leisure Industry Certification) technical bulletin 146, their "Blizzard" roller coaster appears to be manufactured by another Italian firm: "…a Blizzard roller coaster manufactured by Cavazza Diego. The Blizzard is still manufactured, nowadays under the company name Italian Amusement Products s.r.l. (IAP), and sold by Top Fun s.a.s."

There does seem to be some sort of tie back to Cavazza Diego as on IAAPA's 2002 exhibitor's list, Federico Cavazza is listed as the contact person for Top Fun.

Top Fun USA represented Pinfari in the US from approximately 1995 to 1998.
Rides And Fun s.r.l. appears to be a follow-up company to Top-Fun. The former Top Fun website redirects to the Rides And Fun website and the roller coasters offered match those previously known to be built by Top Fun.


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