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Photo submissions:

The rcdb welcomes photos from anyone willing to contribute. It is, however, necessary to point out two stipulations:

  • The rcdb will not use photos without permission. We can only accept photos from the photographer / owner of the photos. Likewise, proper credit will be given to all photos, and credit cannot be given to aliases or listed as anonymous.
  • Consider the photos currently in the rcdb before submitting photos. Photos of roller coasters without photos are most desirable. Photos of roller coasters already well photographed or similar to current photos are less desirable.

Please use to submit anything photo related.

Everything else:

Before contacting the rcdb, please be aware of the following two frequent misunderstandings:

  • You are contacting the Roller Coaster DataBase, not an amusement park or ride manufacturer.
  • Rumored roller coasters are never listed in the rcdb. New roller coasters are not listed until a park makes its official announcement. An exception to this rule is when track is spotted on site, at which point it is considered publically known.

With that in mind, please feel free to contact us at

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