Press Release

High-flyer! Second X-Car Coaster has been opened

On 26th July, the new X-Car Coaster "G Force" at Drayton Manor Park/England was put into operation according to schedule. This event was celebrated with a big party. The use of X-Cars makes for an extremely varied ride along the 385 meters of track. The layout is very compact and fits, for example, in the space required by a "Boomerang". The height of the ride is restricted to 25 m due to local authority regulations in force in the park.

The station is situated at a height of 10 m, with the result that the braking system is simple and inexpensive. Solenoid brakes are to be used. The station features a very modern design.

The ride gets off to a lightning start, with an initial descent right after the station, down to the Humpty Bump Lift, which carries the car up vertically to the impressive inverted backward roll with liftoff forces of -1 g. The car then plunges down a steep loop figure with a top speed of up to 70 km/h. The next ride figure -- a thrill for both passengers and onlookers alike -- is a very tight, high camelback, in which the passengers again experience negative g-forces of up to -1 g and plenty of airtime.

There's no time to catch your breath, as this is followed immediately by the Bent Cuban Eight. Like the Humpty Bump, this exciting new inverted figure, specially developed for G Force, is based on an aerobatic figure. It offers two further inversions and looks like a vertical figure-of-eight that has been bent in the middle by 180°. A final high banked curve leads spectacularly back to the station.

The total ride time is about 50 seconds. With two single X-Cars or a tandem of two coupled X-Cars, the capacity of the ride is approx. 550 pph; two tandems double this to approx. 1100 pph. A third car can be used to allow passengers plenty of time to get on and off with the ride operating at full capacity. For the time being, the ride is operated with a tandem. The installation can also be extended, without increasing the space requirement, to a total track length of approx. 530 m.

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