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Lagoon Announces its New Roller Coaster WICKED!


FARMINGTON, UT - It's BIG, It's FAST, it's WICKED, and it's coming in 2007. Lagoon announces it's most thrilling coaster, EVER! The state of the art, $10 million, tower launch coaster will thrill riders of all ages with its unique ride elements.

Riders will be launched to the top of the 110 ft. tower at speeds up to 18.5 meters per second. This element is especially unique as most roller coasters slowly lift riders to the top of the first hill using a chain mechanism. Wicked riders will be propelled by means of a linear synchronous motor (LSM) drive system, essentially rocketing riders up and over the top of the first hill.

The 8-rider vehicles travel individually and achieve speeds up to 55 mph, passing though steep valleys, high banked turns, half-pipe, heart-roll inversion and more. Riders will be seated in two rows of four, facing forward, with the back row seats elevated above the front row. The lap/leg restraints will provide an exhilarating upper body freedom for rides.

Dick Andrew, Executive Vice President of Marketing said, "This is a one of a kind coaster, there is nothing like it in the world. We anticipate that Wicked will be well received by the public and that 2007 will perhaps be our most exciting season ever."

Construction has already begun and the new coaster is expected to open mid-April 2007. "Wicked was designed for Lagoon and it will be the tallest and fastest coaster we have at the park," Dal Feeman, Lagoon Engineer said.

Zierer of Offenberg Germany is manufacturing the one of a kind coaster for Lagoon. Wicked will be included in each Ride and Season Passport.

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