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If you've suddenly started seeing a different and broken rcdb page, read this.

If you've suddenly started seeing a different and broken rcdb page, read this.

The new rcdb design that went online six months ago takes advantage of HTML5 specific features. Since not every web browser supports HTML5 it's necessary for the site to have a split-personality -- HTML5 for newer web browsers and HTML4 for older ones. The tricky part is knowing which web browsers support HTML5 and which do not. There is no easy mechanism for this, that would be far too easy.

When the HTML5 design went online, it was programmed to only display HTML5 for specifically tested web browsers. While that testing covered the vast majority of web browsers, it is simply impossible to test them all. Additional testing and statistics accumulated over the last six months indicates the majority of these untested browsers support HTML5. So today the logic was reversed -- the new HTML5 site is on by default for all but browsers known to lack HTML5 support.

If you are still using Internet Explorer 9, you probably noticed today you started to see the old HTML4 site again. Sorry, but there are some issues with Internet Explorer 9 and new features under development that just don't mix. The upgrade to Internet Explorer 10 or 11 is free, so consider it.

There are no issues with semi-recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, so if you are using a real old version of those and experiencing problems, consider upgrading.

What I'm most concerned by is what I have overlooked. So if you have/use some device with an old browser that cannot be upgraded, please drop me an email so I can make an exception for it.

It is worth pointing out this all applies to everything BUT mobile phones. These should continue to see the old site until the mobile site is completed.


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