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New massive wooden rollercoaster to be ready for 1982 season

RICHMOND, VA – The Grizzly, Kings Dominion's new massive wooden rollercoaster will be ready for operation on March 27, the park's opening day according to T. Lewis Hooper, Vice President and General Manager of the family entertainment park.

Taller than the park's most popular ride, The Rebel Yell, the Grizzly resembles a giant double figure eight. A steep-banked, eight story first drop and two narrow passes back through the main structure will highlight two-thirds of a mile ride.

"Kings Dominion has added 17 new rides since it opened in 1975", said Mr. Hooper. "We feel this new twisting, turning rollercoaster should be the best one yet".

Located within a dense forest in the park's Old Virginia section, the Grizzly will be natural woodtone in color. Trees surround the coaster's path, heightening the suspense and surprise of the ride.

Two 28-passenger trains will depart approximately 1-½ minutes apart from a loading station with the railroad tracks of the park's antique steam train ride.

The first major turn occurs atop the second hill with the second drop carrying the train back through the structure. After the second major curve, the tracks crossover again for an inside 180° turn.

The ride ends after another passage underneath the wooden framework.

"With the number of quick turns, drop and dips, the Grizzly should be heaven for the real thrillseeker", said Hooper.

The park's other four rollercoasters – The Rebel Yell, King Kobra, Galaxie and Scooby Doo coaster – are among the park's more frequently ridden attractions.

The Grizzly is modeled after one of America's now extinct favorites – The Wildcat at Coney Island, Cincinnati, Ohio. Taft Broadcasting Company, owner of Kings Dominion, purchased Coney Island in 1969.

The Grizzly will be America's newest rollercoaster.

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