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Near = Jungleland (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia)
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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersDistance
 Batang Dolphins CenterBatang, Central Java, IndonesiaOperating - 1197.5 mi
 Citra Raya World of WondersTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating - 134 mi
Dunia FantasiNorth Jakarta, Jakarta, IndonesiaOperating331.4 mi
Fun WorldTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating129.3 mi
Kid CitySouth Jakarta, Jakarta, IndonesiaOperating119.5 mi
Kid CityCentral Jakarta, Jakarta, IndonesiaOperating127.9 mi
Kid CityDepok, West Java, IndonesiaOperating113.1 mi
 Kid CitySouth Tangerang, Banten, IndonesiaOperating127.5 mi
 Kopo Factory OutletBandung, West Java, IndonesiaOperating153.9 mi
MoilandNorth Jakarta, Jakarta, IndonesiaOperating129.2 mi
 Ocean Dream SamudraNorth Jakarta, Jakarta, IndonesiaOperating131.2 mi
PurilandWest Jakarta, Jakarta, IndonesiaOperating-128.7 mi
 Rita ParkTegal, Central Java, IndonesiaOperating - 1154 mi
 Saloka Theme ParkSemarang, Central Java, IndonesiaOperating1249.2 mi
 Sanggaluri ParkPurbalingga, Central Java, IndonesiaOperating1175.6 mi
 Taman LegendaEast Jakarta, Jakarta, IndonesiaOperating218.5 mi
Taman Safari BogorBogor, West Java, IndonesiaOperating110.8 mi
TimezoneTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating131 mi
Trans Studio Action ZoneEast Jakarta, Jakarta, IndonesiaOperating313.7 mi
Trans Studio Indoor Theme ParkBandung, West Java, IndonesiaOperating156.4 mi
 Trans Studio MiniTegal, Central Java, IndonesiaOperating1154.3 mi
 Trans Studio MiniBandung, West Java, IndonesiaOperating157.9 mi
 Trans Studio MiniSemarang, Central Java, IndonesiaOperating1243.7 mi
 Trans Studio MiniCirebon, West Java, IndonesiaOperating1114 mi

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