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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller CoastersPosted
 Trans Studio MiniBandung, West Java, IndonesiaUnder Construction201713/7/2017
 Trans Studio MiniSleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta, IndonesiaOperating3/31/201713/20/2017
 Transmart Carrefour PekanbaruPekanbaru, Riau, IndonesiaUnder Construction201715/1/2017
 Transmart Carrefour SrondolSemarang, Central Java, IndonesiaUnder Construction201715/9/2017
Hillpark SibolangitSibolangit, North Sumatra, IndonesiaOperating6/7/20081
Wisata Bahari LamonganTuban, East Java, IndonesiaOperating2008 or earlier2
Dunia FantasiJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2
TimezoneTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating19951
 Taman Festival BaliDenpasar, Bali, Indonesia--
Grand Mal BekasiJakarta, West Java, Indonesia--
PurilandJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating1
Kota FantasiBandung, West Java, Indonesia-2004 or earlier-
Jawa Timur Park 1Batu, East Java, IndonesiaOperating4
Bandung Carnival LandBandung, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2011 or earlier1
Taman Safari IndonesiaBogor, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2005 or earlier1
Taman Safari IndonesiaPrigen, East Java, IndonesiaOperating2005 or earlier1
Taman Remaja SurabayaSurabaya, East Java, IndonesiaOperating2006 or earlier2
WonderiaSemarang, Central Java, IndonesiaOperating2006 or earlier2
 WonderiaMedan, North Sumatra, Indonesia-2003 or earlier-
 Taman Ria SenayanSenayan, West Java, Indonesia--
Batu Night SpectacularBatu, East Java, IndonesiaOperating12/2008-
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