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Criteria:Location = Germany
Roller Coasters
Current Status = Operating
Type = Steel
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkDesignOpened
Ghost ChasersMovie Park GermanySit Down
Backyardigans: Mission to MarsMovie Park GermanySit Down
Matterhorn BlitzEuropa ParkSit Down
Euro MirEuropa ParkSit Down
Eurosat - CanCan CoasterEuropa ParkSit Down
Alpenexpress EnzianEuropa ParkSit Down
Expedition GeForceHoliday ParkSit Down
Colorado AdventurePhantasialandSit Down
Crazy BatsPhantasialandSit Down
NessieHansa ParkSit Down
Crazy MineHansa ParkSit Down
Royal ScotsmanHansa ParkSit Down
GrottenblitzHeide Park ResortSit Down
Big LoopHeide Park ResortSit Down
BoomerangFreizeit-Land GeiselwindSit Down
Piraten SpinnerFreizeit-Land GeiselwindSit Down
Blauer EnzianFreizeit-Land GeiselwindSit Down
Flying TigerSafariland StukenbrockSit Down
MarienkäferbahnSafariland StukenbrockSit Down
Potts BlitzPotts ParkSit Down
Devil's MineFort Fun AbenteuerlandSit Down
MarienkäferbahnFort Fun AbenteuerlandSit Down
SpeedSnake FREEFort Fun AbenteuerlandSit Down
G'sengte SauErlebnispark TripsdrillSit Down

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