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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller Coasters
 Kings Shopping CentreBandung, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2013 or earlier-
 Kopo Factory OutletBandung, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2016 or earlier1
Taman Safari IndonesiaBogor, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2005 or earlier1
JunglelandBogor, West Java, IndonesiaOperating20132
Dunia FantasiJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2
Grand Mal BekasiJakarta, West Java, Indonesia--
PurilandJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating1
 Kid CityJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2/5/20161
MoilandJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2011 or earlier1
 Kid CityJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating20151
 Taman Ria SenayanSenayan, West Java, Indonesia--
TimezoneTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating19951
Fun WorldTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2013 or earlier1
 Kid CityTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating6/20/20142
 Citra Raya World of WondersTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2010 - 20111
 Transmart Mataram LombokMataram, West Nusa Tenggara, IndonesiaUnder Construction20171
 Transmart PadangPadang, West Sumatra, IndonesiaUnder Construction20171
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