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Amusement ParkLocationStatusOpenedRoller Coasters
Grand Mal BekasiJakarta, West Java, Indonesia--
PurilandJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating1
 Kid CityJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2/5/20161
MoilandJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2011 or earlier1
 Kid CityJakarta, West Java, IndonesiaOperating20151
 Taman Ria SenayanSenayan, West Java, Indonesia--
TimezoneTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating19951
Fun WorldTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2013 or earlier1
 Kid CityTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating6/20/20142
 Citra Raya World of WondersTangerang, West Java, IndonesiaOperating2010 - 20111
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