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Criteria:Current Status = Operating
Location = China
Type = Steel
Design = Sit Down
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeDesignStatusOpened
 unknownLake Amusement ParkSteelSit DownOperating2009 - 2014
 Roller CoasterLake Carnival ValleySteelSit DownOperating6/1/2015
 Spinning CoasterLake Carnival ValleySteelSit DownOperating6/1/2015
Jungle MouseLangfang Children's ParadiseSteelSit DownOperating2006 or earlier
Loop and Spiral CoasterLaodong ParkSteelSit DownOperating2001 - 2003
Jungle MouseLaodong ParkSteelSit DownOperating2001 - 2003
Roller CoasterLaodong ParkSteelSit DownOperating4/2007
 unknownLaodong ParkSteelSit DownOperating2003 or earlier
unknownLaodong ParkSteelSit DownOperating2003 or earlier
Spinning YachtLaodong ParkSteelSit DownOperating2005 - 2008
Gliding DragonLertao Ocean ParkSteelSit DownOperating2006
Spinning CoasterLertao Ocean ParkSteelSit DownOperating2006
FlashLewa AdventureSteelSit DownOperating1/1/2016
Crazy Mining CartLewa AdventureSteelSit DownOperating6/30/2015
Sky SwirlLewa AdventureSteelSit DownOperating10/1/2015
Scream Valley TrainLewa AdventureSteelSit DownOperating6/30/2015
Horse Roller CoasterLewa AdventureSteelSit DownOperating6/30/2015
Happy Chew Chew TrainLewa AdventureSteelSit DownOperating6/30/2015
Motor RiderLewa AdventureSteelSit DownOperating6/30/2015
Jungle Flying SquirrelLezhong Amusement ParkSteelSit DownOperating2005 or earlier
Outer Space Flying CarLezhong Amusement ParkSteelSit DownOperating2013 or earlier
Fruit Worm CoasterLezhong Amusement ParkSteelSit DownOperating2014 or earlier
 unknownLianfeng Beach ParkSteelSit DownOperating2007 or earlier
unknownLianhuachi ParkSteelSit DownOperating2011 or earlier
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