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Criteria:Design = Sit Down
Roller Coasters
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkTypeStatusOpened
Crazy Flying MouseWujin New World ParkSteelOperating
 unknownWulingshan Great Rift Valley Scenic AreaSteelOperating
 unknownWulong Xiangshuihe Amusement ParkSteelOperating
unknownWuquanshan ParkSteelOperating -
Alpine CoasterWurbauer KogelSteelOperating
 unknownWurong ParkSteelOperating -
 unknownWurong ParkSteelOperating -
AllwetterbobbahnWurzelRudi's ErlebnisWeltSteelOperating
Gliding DragonWusong Paotaiwan Wetland Forest ParkSteelOperating -
 unknownWuxi Cultural SquareSteelOperating -
Tornado ArrayWuxi Movie & TV Production base of CCTVSteelOperating -
Steam RacersWuxi Sunac LandSteelOperating
Factory CoasterWuxi Sunac LandSteelOperating
Surf's Up! Duck Duck GooseWuxi Sunac LandSteelOperating
Rugido del JaguarXejuyupSteelOperating
Ratón FelizXetululSteelOperating
 unknownXia Guo Amusement ParkSteel-
Jungle Flying SquirrelXiamen Horticulture Expo GardenSteel- -
 unknownXiangcheng ParkSteelOperating
 unknownXiangchenwan Amusement ParkSteelSBNO
 unknownXiangchenwan Amusement ParkSteelSBNO
unknownXianghe Grand Epoch City ParkSteel--

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