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Criteria:Design = Inverted
Roller Coasters
Current Status = Operating
Type = Steel
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Roller CoasterAmusement ParkOpened
Suspended Looping CoasterHuagudeng Carnival
OzIrisParc Astérix
Flare MeteorFantawild Adventure
Giant Inverted BoomerangJin Jiang Action Park
Flare MeteorFantawild Adventure
Flare MeteorFantawild Dream Kingdom
King of KingsGuiyang Happy World
MonsterWalygator Grand Est
Ednör - L'AttaqueLa Ronde
Flare MeteorFantawild Adventure
Battlestar GalacticaUniversal Studios Singapore
Dragon RiderFloraland
Dragon in CloudsHappy Valley
FirewhipBeto Carrero World
AftershockSilverwood Theme Park
Dizzy Love & Whirling PassionDiscoveryland
ThunderhawkMichigan's Adventure
PossessedDorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom
GoliathSix Flags Fiesta Texas
Star FlyerStar City
PhaethonGyeongju World
InfusionBlackpool Pleasure Beach
VortexSiam Amazing Park

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